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Allan Omand
Relation to Caelyn and Jayd'n Omand: 3x GREAT-GRANDFATHER

   b. 29 Nov 1880
  Mary Omand

b. 17 Mar 1882
* James Alexander Omand

b. 19 Feb 1896
  Frederic C. (Ted) Omand
Allan Omand
Birth: 29 Oct 1856
in Firth & Stenness,Orkney Islands, Scotland
Death: 1 Jun 1931
in Vancouver,British Columbia, Canada

   m. 29 Jan 1880
Jane [Jean] Craigie
   (b. 1854)
   (d. 7 Mar 1884)

m. 1895+/-
Mary Douglass
   (b. 1852)

   b. 2 Nov 1849
  Janet Omand

b. 24 Feb 1851
  John Omand

b. 14 Feb 1852
  Margaret Omand

b. 19 Aug 1854
  James (""Wild James"") Omand

b. 6 Nov 1858
  Alexander McBeath Omand

b. 1861
  Eliza (Liza) Omand

b. 3 Oct 1863
  Thomas Stanger Omand

b. 27 Mar 1866
  Mary Omand
* James, 6th of Savedale Omand
(b. 1770)
* James Omand
(b. 1798)
* Betty Leask
(b. 1774+/- - d. 1803+/-)
* James Omand
(b. 1819 - d. 1880)
* James Clouston
(b. 1760+/-)
* Betty (Betsy) Clouston
(b. 1796 - d. 1868)
* Betty Redlan
(b. 1760+/-)

* James Leask
(b. 1795+/-)
* Mary Leask
(b. 1823 - d. 1901)
* Marjory (Measry) Hirvie / Harvey
(b. 1795+/-)






Omand Family Chart

Confirmed Birthdate and parents.

See PDF File saved in OMAND folder.
Jackie's Hand Written Notes on the Omand Family.

Lists name and birthdate… can possibly order the full record from here.
The Omand Family document of the memories of then-living family member Frederic C. (Ted) Omand.
Page 3 - 5 (attached as images here).
1861 Census of James and Mary's family

Possible death record: Jun 1 1931 in Vancouver (Mountain View Cemetary, Plot HORNE1/2/04/017/0002) [Omand Family Document stated that this ""last known address was Westminster, BC""]
Likely death record, 1 June 1931 Vancouver (aged 74) Name: Allan Omand Event Date: 1931 6 1 (Yr/Mo/Day) Age: 74 Gender: male Event Place: Vancouver
Census of 1891, Allan Omand may be listed as Allan Oamand, Widow age 33 in Edmonton. No listing of his children though.
lists 1st wife as Jean Craigie!
hand written letters from Mrs Doris Mark, granddaughter of Allan Omand's sister Eliza

1881, August 26 - First train into Winnipeg over the Red River Bridge. 1883, August 10 - First train reaches Calgary
Image of Savedale cottage circa 1920.

According to the Edmonton Township Survey, the land where Emily Murphy Park now sits was homesteaded by Allan Omand (River Lot 3). Note from Jackie: spouse possibly from Savesdale, Scotland… name ???
Emily Murphy Park is located on the south bank of the North Saskatchewan River, on the east side of Groat Bridge. The park covers about 27 acres, from Groat Road to the High Level Bridge.
""Allan Omand.. came to Canada...There (near Lake Winnipeg), due to a particularly hard winter, he and his wife nearly starved to death so they moved to Edmonton and homesteaded Windsor Park district. He had two children."" -- The Omand Family document
See memos.
Mrs Doris Mark: Allan and Jane made the voyage to Canada soon after they were married in 1880. They spent their first year in Winnipeg. They would have landed someone on the East Coast. >>
Mrs Doris Mark (cont): There may have been a trin to Winnipeg then but covered wagon to Edmonton. When my grandmother (Eliza Omand, Allan's sister) came, the train went to Calgary & then covered wagon to Edmonto. It took two weeks. >>
Mrs Doris Mark (cont): When Allan's wife died in 1884 my grandmother (Eliza) came to Canada to look after Allan's kids (James & Mary). After my grandmother married in 1889 Allan took both kids back to Savesdale and they never heard from Allan again. >>
Mrs Doris Mark (cont): When James (Allan's son) was 15, he ran away to sea. John Omand (brother to Allan) and his wife Margaret Clouston, cared for Allan's kids at Savedale (arrived in 1890).

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