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Last Updated: 11 Jan 2012

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 * n/a, Aelfwine (b. 956+/- - d. n/a)

* n/a, Aethelgyth (b. 1005+/- - d. n/a)

* n/a, Wulfgyth, Lady (b. 958+/- - d. n/a)

  Naud, Marie-Josèphe (b. 9 Mar 1736 - d. 9 Apr 1758)

  Nault, François (b. 1680+/- - d. n/a)

* Newton, Alice (b. 16 Apr 1712 - d. n/a)

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Please Note: these are the personal pages of the Ripley/Omand family, the information presented here is a work in progress based on a variety of sources - some verified, some as of yet not. Please do not take the information presented here blindly as fact. You are welcome, however to use the content to augment your own research as you see fit. Some fantastic genealogy resources that are available to you on-line can be found at: http://www.familysearch.org, http://www.heritageregistry.net/ and http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/.